Saturday, January 30, 2010

a snow angel

Those of you that know Jimmy know that he doesn't like snow, and that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is he going to play in the snow with me. So then how do you explain this first picture of Jimmy laying in the snow making, of all things, a snow angel? Truth or Fiction? You be the judge.

The snow that we've been promised for such a long time finally arrived last night. The snow is light, dry and fluffy and was easily swept away with a broom and if Jimmy would have thought of it earlier before he swept off all the walkways, he could have blown it all away with the leaf blower. That thing would blow the house away if we'd point it in that direction.

Our yard is pretty flat and I stuck this ruler in several locations and it pretty much came up with the same reading. I wanted to get a picture of the snow on top of my jeep wrangler which was VERY impressive but Jimmy swept if off before I could get my shoes on.

Today it warmed up to 38 degrees and the snow packed down a little and I'd say that with these kinds of temps that this snow should be gone before we know it.

1 comment:

Kerri said...

You're gonna have to stop knocking poor Jimmy down! Especially in the snow.
That was quite an impressive amount you got :)