Monday, January 18, 2010

Pictures of Grandmother & Grandpa Hatcher

Today while searching for pictures to put on a memory card, and aren't memory cards named appropriately?, I ran across some pictures of Grandmother & Grandpa Hatcher. The first picture I found in a picture frame and grandmother was mostly hidden behind a border. She's out in full view now and will stay there, but she unfortunately has a line drawn down her face. The line in no way spoils our beautiful grandmother though, because we can all agree that she was an angel put here on earth to help everyone.
This is a younger picture of grandmother in her livingroom and taken probably on Mother's Day of 1963. I didn't move to Kentucky until August 1962 and I took this picture of grandmother, so it had to be the following year.
These next two pictures are of their 50th Wedding Anniversary and if I'm wrong I'll hear about it and return to change it.
Grandmother gave me her player piano that they are sitting in front of, but when it was time to move it no one could budge it. And when they finally moved it slightly they noticed that the heavy piano had buckled the floor beneath it, so we decided to leave it right there where it was for the time being.
This is grandmother when she came to visit us at Shady Oaks. Grandmother never, I mean never wore pants. She always wore a dress. She's the main reason that I left California and moved back to Kentucky. She was old, 65 I think, and 'livin on borrowed time,' as she would say. Now that I've reached 65 I don't think it's old at all, or at least I don't feel old.

Grandmother and Me

I always called her mom. I met her when I was 16 and she was my mom until I was in my 50's when she died. She was the kindest, sweetest woman you would ever meet and she never met a stranger. Speaking of strangers, she would invite anyone in for supper or a bite to eat if they looked hungry and the mailman always stopped to rest on her porch and got a nice cold glass of iced tea or lemonade. We had Sunday dinner at her house every Sunday and once when we decided to spend an extra night at our cabin on the river she sent the sheriff out to check on us, so we stopped what we were doing and headed out to grandma's house in Cynthiana, ate our dinner and then went back to the cabin. We did this for ten years and then we moved to Berea and I started hosting the holidays to take the burden off grandmother. We still went to grandmothers for Sunday dinners, but not every Sunday. The kids were involved in so many activities that it became harder to get away. You would have loved her, everybody did.

Jim Hatcher and his mother

This is grandmother & grandpa on their first date.

Grandmother with her only son's three beautiful children and he was the baby too. I bet these grandchildren weren't spoiled much!

Jim Hatcher, the baby.

And here's grandmother's only son, born to her after she was 45 when she had lots of time to dote over him. His two older sisters were already married by the time he was born and one already had children older than her baby brother Jim. George & Mary Sue Hatcher had two daughters, Elizabeth and then ten years later Evelyn was born followed by Jim twenty years later.

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Mary was an angel sent to us from god. My aunt Lucy and Mary were two of the most wonderful people in the whole world. Lucy was my dad's sister. She and Mary were sent down to us from god. I met her on a Sunday afternoon. The truck driver from Lexington knew where she lived and dropped me off at her home Sunday afternoon. He knew that my sister would be there with Jimmy.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I don't have any pictures of Aunt Lucy at all. I wish I did and yes, she was another angel that made a very big impression on my life. It's too bad that her children don't have a blog so that we could see pictures of her. Diane also remembers Aunt Lucy and spent time at her house.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that

Alipurr said...

This is a really good post, Sandy, and one reason I am so glad for our family blogs! I used to get birthday cards every year from her, but I was so little I don't remember if I ever met her, maybe once or twice. Makes me wish I had gotten to know her better. She sounds like an amazing woman. Love the pics

Kerri said...

It's lovely to see your old family photos, Sandy.
Grandmother Hatcher sounds like a wonderful woman.
So, was Jim your father? That would make the little girl in the picture with Grandma you with your 2 brothers. Do I have that right?

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Kerri...Jim was my husband and Grandmother Hatcher was his mother and those are my children with her on the bench.

I want everyone to know that Kerri snatched the picture of Grandmother Hatcher and REMOVED that awful line from the picture and down across grandmother's face. Thank you so much Kerri! Now I can print up a new picture of grandmother without a line down her face.
Thank you again Kerri.