Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunshine and Prayers are welcomed

Today it's shaping up to be another nice warm day closer to springtime. As I look out my window I see the sun shining brightly one minute, only to look back up to see that it is hidden behind a cloud. The shades of the sunlight are forever changing hues, and it's a remarkable sight to see and only serves to remind me of my ever changing moods. It makes me happy knowing that I have a whole array of moods and know how to express them and talk about them. It would be such a dull, lifeless world to be bland and without emotion.

Today I have two people and one kitten on my mind. The kitten is being neutered today which upsets me very much. I feel as if I'm playing the role of God in his life and changing a perfect little kitten into a so called 'better more manageable pet.' I'm NOT God, nor do I feel I have the right to change what is not perfectly made already. I just hope that Petey, and God, forgive me and understand why we thought this was necessary.

Another person that weighs heavily on my mind today is my youngest daughter. Everyday that I talk to her she sounds worse. She's sick, and sick of being sick and is scheduled for surgery on Thursday and her problem will be resolved at that time.

Those of us who are well should all give thanks that we are so healthy and without any major problems, because not all people share in the joy of a beautiful, pain-free day without any health or emotional problems, or turmoil in their daily lives. I find myself to be one of the lucky ones and even though I'm heavy and over-weight, I have no major health problems. I'm not saying that I don't have a pain or two once in a while, but that's only from the normal wearing & tearing of my body with age. I also feel sympathy and pain when someone else's life is in turmoil and turned upside down.

Today the sunshine has slowly left, but with great anticipation I know that it will return and shine on all of us again.


Motherkitty said...

Sorry to hear that she is having surgery. Please give her our best and we will be thinking of her during the surgery and as she recovers. Hopefully this will "cure" what ails her. Please keep us informed as to her progress.

tomlaureld@yahoo.com said...

Thank you for letting us know.
Love ya

... Paige said...

Sorry to hear about the surgery. We will send up good thoughts for healing and peace for y'all

Anonymous said...

I think Suzanne hates it worse than Petey.See you in the morning.

Alipurr said...

awww, hugs and prayers, miss you guys

Kerri said...

So sorry to hear Sharon's been sick. Do hope the surgery went well and that she's on the mend now.
Petey will be a happier cat in the end and he'll be sweeter and easier to live with too (for both people and felines). Look at it that way :)
BTW, meant to say I love that photo of you and Grandma together. Your girls look just like you, and so does Brian actually.