Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally productive.....

ItalicThis is the hardest part...rolling it out in a circle

I made tortillas today. It's something that I haven't done in a long, long time but this time I cheated and they aren't really entirely homemade. I found a 4 pound bag of flour tortilla mix at the store and all you had to do was add water. Now tell me, how simple is that?

Next was putting the tortilla in a hot iron skillet and toasting it on each side.
You almost have to roll these out paper thin or they get too fat/thick while cooking.

Wallah....all done and ready to eat.

I put the round one, the only round one, on top for the picture, but it would have landed on top anyway because you get better at rolling them out as you go, and the best one is always last. The tortilla on the bottom and to be honest, all of the tortillas under the top one are definitely not round by any means of the imagination. They all look like little martian animals and I think I have an amoeba or two in there.

And honestly, these easy to make tortillas aren't nearly as tasty as REAL homemade tortillas. They need a dash of salt for flavor and a little bit of crisco to make them a little more flexible, but as far as being quick & easy to fix they're just that....of course, unless you buy them already made by the dozen, or you go over to Sharon's house, who makes great homemade tortillas from scratch using my recipe of course, (which was given to me by Margie, Gil's mother.)

The rolling pin in the first picture was crafted by my son Brian


Kerri said...

That's a beautiful rolling pin. Brian is quite an artist with wood.
Sandy, I'm glad you're feeling well enough to be productive :)
I've only ever had store bought tortillas. I'm sure the homemade ones are delicious.
Happy tortilla eating!
And happy spring to you and Jimmy!

Anonymous said...

I remember years ago you made some here at the cabin and showed me how to roll them out. Yours are so so good. Brian talks about them all the time. Yum Yum!


sewa mobil said...

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