Monday, March 22, 2010

President Barak Obama Lied to us yet one more time

After months and months of hearing the President say that we could get the same kind of coverage, (Medical Insurance) that congress gets, I just found out that the President of the United States Barak Obama LIED to us. They voted it down and we are apparently not all created equal or going to be treated equally after all when it comes to medical insurance coverage. Nothing is going to change. If you pay for bad coverage, you will still get bad coverage, if you get the free medicaid you still won't be able to get an appointment with all doctors and if you get Medicare you will still be treated badly by their bad regulations.

There are many aspects of the healthcare bill that I like and are good but I don't like being forced to buy a product which I'm not satisfied with. Jimmy has Medicare & Tricare and Medicare does not allow Jimmy to buy products that he needs even when we buy them out-right with our own money. Jimmy has what is called a urostomy and wears a urostomy bag on his abdomen to catch his urine. He had bladder cancer and his bladder was removed and as a result needs to wear a urostomy bag. Before he was eligible for our government run Medicare, we used our own private medical insurance policy which paid for his needed ostomy supplies. Whatever the doctor prescribed the insurance paid their part and Tricare paid the balance. Once Jimmy became eligible for Medicare, Medicare began dictating to Jimmy that he could no longer use the same ostomy bags or other medical supplies because they were not covered under the government plan. So Jimmy had to make all the necessary changes. The government run Medicare also told Jimmy that he could not change his ostomy bags as often as he was changing them, that he had to wear them longer. Well tell that to the humidity and his sweat glands which during our hot humid summer days cause the ostomy skin barriers to come unglued and fall off unexpectedly causing Jimmy to have to put a new skin barrier & ostomy bag on. Jimmy didn't choose to get cancer and must wear ostomy bags 24/7, 365 days a year for the rest of his life. He should always have at his disposal extra ostomy supplies even if that means that he must change his bag daily or twice a day. There was a time when we had private health insurance when his doctor asked Jimmy to remove his skin barrier four times a day, for an entire week, in order to apply an antibiotic powder around the ostomy opening. This required 4 sets of ostomy supplies per day and his private insurance paid without question. Medicare questions everything he has to use. I wish they all wore ostomy bags and maybe they would understand the difficulties involved.

Medicare also does not allow Jimmy to use leg bags either, which he has used for the last 15 years. The leg bags keep the urine drained away from Jimmy's body so that he no longer gets infections like he did before he started wearing the leg bags. With the use of leg bags he has less infections, less hospitalizations and uses less ostomy supplies.

Why does Medicare have a say into Jimmy buying leg bags on his own with his own money when prescribed by his urologist? We pay for them in cash, but Medicare dictates how many Jimmy can buy and you wouldn't believe the paperwork involved. He wears a leg bag daily and Medicare only allows Jimmy to purchase 2 leg bags a month, even though Jimmy is buying them on his own without the help of Medicare. We've thought about just changing to a different medical supply company, who don't know us, and telling that company that HE DOES NOT HAVE INSURANCE just to get around this Medicare loophole and we still might be forced to do this.

So this is your great government run Medicare at work. And now everyone thinks that everything is going to be better when the government gets involved with your private health insurance....think again.

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