Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm back....

I had my gall bladder and 3 gall stones taken out on Monday and I'm doing fine. I'm resting and Jimmy is taking good care of me. I have four POKE holes, but they are small/tiny little holes that aren't giving me any problems at all. I had a Lap Chole and also had an upper endoscopy done, which showed that I have nothing else wrong with me. My doctor said that everything looked great and I should be pain free from now more gall bladder attacks for me, YIPEE!

I'm so glad that I had it done now before my gall bladder got inflammed, gangrenous or infected or something, because then they might not have been able to do a Lap Chole and I would have had to have the old fashioned Cholecystectomy with a great big incision and my recovery would have been long and painful. Now I should be back to my normal self in just 2 weeks.

Thank you all for your well wishes & prayers.

2 comments: said...

Take Care
Love ya.

Kerri said...

Sandy, so sorry to hear you've been having gall bladder problems. I've heard they're nasty!
I wish I'd visited earlier so I could've been praying for you, but I will pray for your rapid healing now.
So glad to know everything went well. With your positive outlook on life you'll be back to normal in no time.
Rest up and take care of yourself. You have a wonderful caregiver. They don't come any better than Jimmy :)