Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm laying around doing much of nothing. I'm not really laying around, but I am taking it easy and doing what I can and leaving what I can't do'll still be there later and some things Jimmy will do. The SECC Basketball Tournament started today so that gives me something to watch, but I'm not too interested in it yet. Tomorrow the University of Kentucky Wildcats will play the winner of todays game and I'm going to watch that game for sure.

The weather is warm here around 72 degrees and has been for the past three days and Jimmy has taken the bike out for a couple of short rides between caring for me, but today it started sprinkling a little. It's still warm out but now it's a little damp out. I can't really say that it's raining but every once in a while a little drizzle covers the ground and makes everything wet. Since Jimmy can't ride today he went and got himself a haircut. I just happened to think today that I wouldn't know where to reach Jimmy if I needed to because in all the years that we've been married, I have absolutely no idea where he goes to get his haircut. I just never bothered to ask...oh well, no big deal, he always comes back.

I've got my earbuds in and I'm listening to music. I love music and can relate to each song I hear or get lost in an instrumental. That's what I'm doing right now and it's so relaxing that I might just take a nap too. Sweet dreams.......


... Paige said...

I am so glad you are doing well! {dancing just for fun}
I don't miss my gall at all :-)

Be sure to take it easy for a while, it's for your own good. Besides I'm sure Jimmy love taking care of ya.

sewa mobil said...

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Rachel said...

I'm so glad that all went well with your surgery Sandy. I know you are glad to have that behind you.

It has been nice and warm and springy! Say Hi to Jimmy!!


Kerri said...

Sandy, I'm glad to hear you're taking it easy...just what the doctor ordered :)
We had beautiful weather last week but it didn't reach the 70's. This weekend feels like winter again with a little rain and very high winds. We just noticed that a big branch broke on one of our trees.
Ross and I laughed at you not knowing where Jimmy gets his hair cut. Now that's funny :)
We'll be praying for your rapid recovery. xox

... Paige said...

Hey, gummy butt you have been mentioned at my place