Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday, What a day!

WOW! It's Saturday already and I woke up feeling really good this morning. I went to bed pretty early again and got a good nights sleep and now I'm ready for ANYTHING and I feel that I could tackle anything that life throws my way, good or bad. Life is good and getting better all the time.

Today will be another food challenge. The challenge is in trying to think of something that would appeal to Jimmy and still remain within the foods he's allowed to eat. The written instructions say that today will be the last day of his diet, but I got verbal instructions from his oncologist's office that Jimmy should remain on the iodine free diet until after his scan on Wednesday morning. Keeping Jimmy on the diet until Wednesday will definitely be a challenge.

Jimmy has also been feeling nauseous for the last two days but it only comes and goes, so most of the time he feels fine. He got pork chops for breakfast this morning; that's what he wanted so that's what he got. Gotta keep him happy so he'll stay on this diet. He's eating more fresh fruits and vegetables than he ever has and not liking it one bit...not even a tiny bit. He's even lost some weight and he can't wait to go back to his bad eating habits that have kept him alive and happy for so many years.

Now to the weather: It's COLD! It feels like someone dropped us into a deep freeze during the night. I had to go around the house closing the windows, but I'm leaving some open for that nice deep freeze kind of ventilation. I just don't know how much longer I can stand this cold and I hope the day starts warming up and it better do it soon or I'm shutting the rest of the windows. It was so cold in my bathroom this morning that the mother cat moved her kittens out of there to the warmest corner in the house. She's a smart kitty.
I might even have to turn the heat back on tonight if it doesn't warm up. It's just after lunch, right now, and it feels like it's getting colder and colder...I even had to put some clothes on. I mean some more clothes like in winter clothes, sweatshirts, long pants & socks, that's how cold it has gotten. My laptop feels so nice & warm on my lap that I don't even want to stop typing, but I need to fix Jimmy's lunch. I hope that your day is warmer than ours unless you have someone to cuddle with, then it doesn't matter does it?