Monday, April 12, 2010

Today's "The Day"

The day Jimmy's been waiting for has finally arrived. It's not really a big deal as far as anyone who has had chemo is concerned because it's far less than most people being treated get, but it's a BIG DAY for Jimmy nonetheless. Jimmy is rather lucky because it only involves 3 days in a row of going back & forth to the hospital, followed by a week of isolation and then returning to the hospital again on April 21st.

The only thing that Jimmy is upset about is that he hasn't been able to eat the foods he likes or drink his MILK for an entire week, so far, and he'll have to keep up his special diet until April 18th and this is the day he's REALLY looking forward to.

Here's a link (below) that was sent to me by my daughter Sharon to read about what's been going on with Jimmy. The article calls for hospitalization and complete isolation of the patient undergoing the treatment but nowadays you know how that aren't allowed to be hospitalized for much and Jimmy will be sent right home for the entire isolation period.

Radioactive Iodine for the Treatment of Thyroid Cancer- Questions & Answers

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Rachel said...

I can't imagine being isolated for a week, but at least he'll have you there and the cats! So he won't really be isolated. I read some of that link you provided. That is the first time I have ever seen "horse" on a list of foods you can or can't eat at all!

I sure hope and pray that all goes well. Tell Jimmy I'll be thinking about him while he's undergoing this. I know he'll be so glad to eat and drink his favorite foods again!!!

Loved your pictures in the previous post too. Aren't the redbuds so pretty?! I just love seeing them!!