Sunday, May 02, 2010

and it only got worse

The cows couldn't believe their eyes & ears as they watched the little branch get larger & larger. And the longer they stood there the little island of ground they stood on disappeared.

Our flooding was not nearly as devastating as the flooding that occurred in Tennessee, nor the flooding that others here in Berea were experiencing, but it was still a bit unsettling to watch the water rise and take over our yards.

It rained hard and steady off & on all day long and by mid afternoon the ground was completely saturated and couldn't hold anymore water, and that's when it really started pooling up. And then the creek over-flowed it's banks and you can guess what happened next. The fresh clear rainwater suddenly turned a muddy brown and began flowing through our chain link fence and that's when we knew that the neighbors freshly plowed and planted vegetable garden was being washed into our yard.

We of course thanked our next door neighbors for the veggies and told them that at harvest time they were welcomed to come over and we'd gladly share their potatoes and other veggies with them. They lost their whole garden and we're hoping that we lost all the moles who lived in our yard.

There's a wildcat that frequently catnaps under that plastic green boat who accidentally got swept away by the current when he made a break for it when I was shooting a video. Anthony, our neighbor who turned 19 today, tried to save the tomcat but it's a good thing he couldn't catch it because the cat isn't tame and would have scratched his eyes out. We were relieved to find out that the cat didn't drown but managed to attach itself to a tall oak tree and climb to safety. Maybe the cat will decide to move on now.

The flooding in our yard was only a minor inconvenience for us but for many it was a major cause for concern. There are many here in town who have water in their homes and there are many roads that have been closed. The schools here and in most of the surrounding counties will also be closed tomorrow because of all this water. My grandson Matt spent all day rescuing people from their flooded homes in Richmond today using boats. I haven't heard of anyone getting hurt around here, so that's good. Everyone needs to be extra cautious around this water. It's still raining outside and it's dark now, and I just heard on the news that it will continue to rain throughout the night but that it should slack up and turn into a beautiful dry sunny day tomorrow.

Where there's a tomorrow there's hope. And where there is a dry tomorrow there's more hope.


Merle said...

Dear Sandy ~~ I am just reading through some blogs and found the awful floods around you and I do hope they do not get any worse for you. The photos are good and make it all more real. I heard about the floods in Tennessee on our news.
Do be safe and happy dear friend.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

didn't know you guys were flooded like that.Whoa, I guess them kitties freaked out.