Sunday, May 23, 2010

We went riding today and headed south towards the big lake and since we were in the area we thought we'd stop and visit a friend of ours, Rachel, but she wasn't at home....booo hooo. Rachel was still in church, but after talking with her later we told her that we'd stop in to visit another time when we were in the area again.

It was a beautiful day today but very hot, so hot that we stopped for an ice cream cone and ran into Helen at Dairy Queen waiting for a cab. We would have offered her a ride home if she could have climbed onto my bike but it's just too difficult for her, and besides that, she's afraid of motorcycles :( Helen asked about Dennis as she always does and wanted to know when we had seen him last. She said she'd like to see him again if he ever comes to our town. Helen told me that she was going to be 70 years old next month. She's having a difficult time walking but anyone who knows Helen knows that you can't keep her down nor home. Helen has to make her daily rounds around town just as she's always done for most of her life. Helen is my father's widow.

When we got home from our ride Jimmy paid a visit to the hardware store to get some heat deflector tape for his new saddlebags, to put on the bottom. He's afraid that they might get to hot because one of them is very close, but not touching the exhaust pipes. Hope this works but if not I'm sure there is a better solution out there.

It is such a hot day. We have three outdoor thermometers and each have a different temp on them. One reads 100 degrees, another 94 and the last one in the shade is at 88 degrees. I'm inside where it's 74 with a nice cool breeze hitting the side of my face. I'm going back outside but I just wanted to stop what I was doing and say, "Hi."

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It was hot yesterday and our pool finally heated up. It has been so cool that it never held a temperature above 72 degrees. Today I put the steps into the pool. I get in, mom will wait for warmer temps.