Monday, May 24, 2010

Riding makes me feel young

Riding not only makes me feel young but it's good for me,

and by the look of Jimmy's smile, it's good for him too!

Jimmy's appetite is back and we're all happy about that.

Jimmy standing by my bike

I always use my mirrors

Jimmy inspecting his new saddlebags

Gotta wash that road dirt off the bikes before we put them away,
so they'll be ready for tomorrow's ride.

My bike gets washed first
I'm Special :)

Don't pay attention to Jimmy's grumpy face.
He just wanted me to help
but I was busy...
taking pictures.


Ava said...

I'm looking forward to pictures from your rides. You're the one who taught me that I can take pictures "as I'm driving" with my camera and they turn out!!!! Awesome!!!!

JunieRose2005 said...


I'm so happy to hear about yours and Jimmy's rides-glad you're having fun!
You both look well and happy!


somershade said...

now I have time to relax and look at your blog,:) looks like fun! love you and Megan absolutely love her pots and pans.She is throwing out her old cruddy ones.