Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You always have to be alert

As usual, someone is always pulling out in front of a motorcycle not always because they didn't see it, but because they're trying to beat it.

I was on a straightaway traveling 55 mph and as I was approaching a cross road to my right there was a pickup truck pulling one of those long metal trailers jammed packed with furniture coming up to the STOP sign.

You can guess what he did instead of stopping.

He gassed it up and made a quick sharp right turn right in my lane, and since I knew that he couldn't pick up enough speed with that long trailer behind him I went ahead and moved over into the left lane, then suddenly, to my surprise, right in front of me in my lane, some heavy looking wooden chairs came crashing down on the road breaking off a leg or two (I didn't have time to count how many legs or backs were flying around). My job was to avoid the chairs which were now scattered all over in my lane. To the left of me was a concreted grassy area which would be too hazardous for me to hit and in the right lane was the pickup truck, but thank goodness for the quick thinking of the guy in the pickup to quickly swerve as far as he could to the left side of the road giving me just barely enough room to squeak by the broken chairs and his trailer.

I didn't get upset, but was just thankful that the guy driving the pickup was very aware that he had pulled out in front of us and had seen that his actions had caused him to toss some of his furniture out on the road and then had the foresight to quickly move over out of our way so that we could pass safely by. This all happened so quickly, in a matter of seconds and by the look on his face, I think he learned a lesson.

It also pays to be alert because you also see interesting things while you're riding. About a mile or two from our house some people had just finished putting in a new private bridge and concreted their driveway up to and over the the bridge and beyond. It was such a nice looking driveway and bridge that Jimmy & I had talked about it each time we passed by as they were building it. Now it was done so as we were riding by we slowed down just a little to see the finished project and to our surprise there were two nice sized Doe's, one on each side of the driveway standing in the grass and both inspecting and touching the new driveway with their noses. The Doe's looked as if they were inspecting the new driveway and were giving their approval of a job well done.

Riding can be, "Danger Danger Will Robinson," or it can also bring you in tune with nature and all its beauty.

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Good Morning and I hope your heart is still beating.