Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The feeling is mutual...

Today was spent almost exactly as yesterday except that Jimmy yanked some broken limbs down from the Sycamore tree. I played around the watergarden rearranging pebbles and rocks around just for the fun of it, and I also pulled up some of the mint from around the hostas.

Someone backed into our wooden fence again and broke a couple of boards so we went to Lowes to price some replacement boards. First we thought about just going ahead and putting up a stronger, thicker fence and priced that, then we came to our senses and just priced some replacement boards. At least this time whoever bumped the fence didn't hit it hard enough to knock down the treated 4"x 4" fence posts. To be honest, the fence is old and brittle now and we really do need a new one. That's just another thing on our 'To do' list. It's not hard to put up because the fence comes in 8 foot sections and you just nail up one section at a time. The fence posts are already in place so it's just a matter of buying the sections of fence and doing a little nailing.

I bought a new hammock because the mice chewed holes in our pretty stripped one while it was being stored, and when I went to hang it up under the Ash Tree it was too short. I hung it any way but it's not comfortable at all. It's made out of a single piece of canvas and we thought if it got wet then it would dry faster than a quilted one. We should have just bought ourselves a hammock for two made of braided rope. I'm not at all happy with our new hammock and I don't think the cats like it either. It tried to throw me out not once but twice....I think it knows that I don't like it.

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