Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tomorrow is Father's Day

Good Morning!

It's another gorgeous day here at our neck of the woods. Well, we don't exactly live in the woods, but it's nice to dream that I still do. But anyway, it's a beautiful day around here and it's hot, but it's been a nice non-sticky hot.

I saw on the weather channel that over where my brother lives it's going to feel like it's 115 (f) degrees today and that he had some storms overnight. No, no, no....I'm not talking about my brother's in Arizona or Nevada where you would expect to have those kinds of temps, but my brother over in Western Kentucky. We've been really lucky here and the storms have passed over the top of us and missed us altogether and I hope that today the outcome will be the same.

Our cats are liking this warm weather and have been spending their days & nights outside with an occasional walk-through the house. You know how cats do? They ask, like cats do, to come in the front door and head straight for the back door to be let out. I don't think they like reminds them too much of winter.

Well, it seems that I spoke too soon. My morning sunlit day has just turned dark and the wind has begun to blow a little. It now looks like we may be getting a little rain soon. I said, "soon," because it's not definite until the raindrops start falling and it may just be a heavy dark cloud passing over. Wait a minute......IT WAS! just a black cloud passing over because we are getting sunshine once again.

I don't have much to say this morning because my day of adventure is just beginning. Jimmy was up early, fed his critters and is gone to see if he can find his son-in-law Glenn to get the name of a fellow who delivered our last load of gravel. It seems that the neighbor's landlord is thinking of ordering a load for his pot-holey driveway, and when he does we'll have another load of dense grade spread on our driveway as well even though our driveway is in good shape after the load we had hauled & spread in early spring.

I almost forgot that tomorrow is Father's Day, a day we honor our father's. I miss my dad sometimes and it makes me very sad that I wasn't a better daughter, so I try not to think of him too much. Does that make sense?

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