Sunday, July 25, 2010

60 percent chance of rain today

The sun is out and it's going to be another scorcher today. Jimmy is sick, I'm tired, and Ron is up and gone and seems to be the only one left around here with any energy. He has plum worn us out :) and I say that with a smile on my face because we're enjoying every minute of him here. He didn't really wear us down, I'm only kidding. I just woke up several times last night checking on Jimmy to make sure he was alright. Jimmy is up and outside right now feeding his critters and greeting them good morning. Nothing can keep him down not even a fever.

Nothing much on the agenda for today, but I'm sure we'll think of something to do or not to do. We may just rest today and devote our entire day to playing with Lola & Poncho and petting the cats.

Jybow (Jimmy's cat) decided that she was coming into the house when she saw Ron's truck leave so we put her up on the perch near the window but she wasn't too pleased being there so Jimmy carried her back out. That was a big giant step for Jybow to want to come in when she clearly could see the dogs in the house. It's going to take her a little more time to adjust.

So, we are slowly making strides with Jybow who comes into the house everyday when the dogs are napping and stays in our bedroom at night when the dogs are asleep. All the pets are coexisting nicely out in the yard which seems to be large enough for all of them to have their space. The cats are holding their ground which is a surprise to Jimmy & I, who thought they would stay hidden and only come out when the doggy's were in the house. I'm very pleased to see them all getting on so well.

Jybow is Jimmy's cat and that's the only cat I'm concerned with at the moment. The rest are cats which belong outside and are happier cats when they are outside. There's just a bond that exists between Jybow and Jimmy and both are striving to hold on to their bond with each other. This arrangement with the pups and the cats is really working out much better than we ever expected it to be...and it's only been a week!

Yes I know you didn't visit my blog to hear about our pets so I'll be completely honest with you. We both love Ron's company and hope he never ever leaves. It's wonderful having purpose in our lives once again and believe it or not, I found a kitchen in our house and I'm beginning to put it to use.....but only just a little at the moment.

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