Monday, July 26, 2010

Another beautiful day here in Paradise

The skies are gray here this morning and Ron is out buffing out a couple of boo boos that happened during the Harley's ride to Kentucky. Nothing really serious after all, but it was cause for concern when the boo boos were first seen upon unloading the bike. Two box fans were the culprits and they are long gone making themselves useful at Sharon's house. After much buffing and polishing on the Harley the boo boos are only visible if you search for them and I suspect that by the end of today they will be totally gone.

Lola and Poncho were sitting quietly on the back of the couch watching some workmen across the road when a cat started scratching at the back door. The house then exploded with barking and the cat thankfully went away. All is back to quiet again while Lola now sleeps and Poncho is alertly keeping everyone safe. There is so much for them to see here and they are both trying to make sense of it all, deciding what they should bark at and what they should just ignore. They are fascinated with the cats and already Princess has gently patted Lola on the back while Lola was passing beneath where Princess was perched.

We're all good here.

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