Saturday, July 03, 2010

Good Morning America! I was up to see the sun rise and it's going to be another beautiful day here in my world. Heck! It's not going to be...IT IS a beautiful day!
Hope everyone will get out and enjoy it in whatever way makes them happy.

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Rachel said...

When I see a motorcycle on the road, and there have been lots of them lately, I always think about you and Jimmy! Sometimes I'll see a whole bunch of them riding together. Reading your earlier post about the new roads, I do agree with you. I wonder if that's the HWY 66 road they are working on? That one is supposed to cover a lot of area. They keep building subdivisions and adding onto the towns and roads and soon there won't be any land left.

If you ride down this way give me a holler! I loved that picture of the KY river in Irvine. I haven't been to Irvine in ages. My brother, Ray, is working over there right now. It's either a sewer plant or a water plant since that's what the co. he works for builds!

Texas Roadhouse ribs!! Hush already!! :)

Loved all your photos!! Say Hi to Jimmy! Hugs!!