Friday, July 02, 2010

Guess what we did today?

Yes....we went looking for some more of those large expensive highway signs and we found a nice one in Lexington where the state highway department was repairing an existing road making it much better and safer. Jimmy didn't go looking for anything but a nice ride and that's exactly what we got.

It was another beautiful day in the 80's without much humidity. Just what you would call a perfect day to ride. No rain, no wind, just lots of sunshine.

We passed the Kentucky River in Irvine, Kentucky and it looked up and a little muddy. It must have rained up the river somewhere.

Jimmy was happy. He's always smilin when we're ridin and nothing could make him happier than for me to say, "Honey, lets go riding today," and I've said that now two days in a row and I plan on saying that a lot this summer.

Here he is smiling again.

After over a hundred miles of riding and looking over our beautiful country we got hungry, so I headed for the nearest Texas Roadhouse in search of their delicious, melt in your mouth barbecue'd ribs, and a juicy steak for Jimmy. Today I tried not to order too much food so that I wouldn't get sleepy on the way home, but I still ended up bringing half my ribs home with me. They'll taste good later on tonight as a late night snack unless Suzanne finds them first, hehehe. She loves their ribs too.

Jimmy must have taken this picture before I dug into my ribs because there is no barbecue sauce smeared around my mouth....yet.

When we got home Jimmy found another daily newspaper stuffed in our mailbox. We've been getting free daily and Sunday papers for a week now. Maybe they want us to subscribe or maybe there's just a new paper boy delivering papers. However or for whatever reason we're getting the newspaper Jimmy reads every word in it and then works the puzzles and laughs at the cartoons.

So that was our day. No work accomplished here today.

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