Friday, July 09, 2010

Needed Rain

While Jimmy runs quickly out in the rain to place the fern out in the grass so it gets plenty of water, Petey sits watching from the safety of the front porch bench.

Today we are getting much needed rain and the plants, bushes, trees and grass are smiling. We've been getting a slow steady rain all morning but now it's raining much harder. I just heard a loud crack of thunder and so did Jimmy's cat Jybow, who quickly ran and is hiding under our bedspread. That cat is afraid of loud noises and since the 4th of July she hides from any noises loud or quiet, that might sound like the crack of a gunshot or firecracker. The other cats just stay put and noise doesn't seem to bother them, not even the sound of a vacuum cleaner unless you get too close to them.

Petey is still watching it rain from the bench on the front porch and I'm still here on my laptop. Jimmy is taking this opportunity to check out the amplifier on his bike because the volume of his music isn't as loud as it should be. Hopefully it's just a dial that has slowly worked itself to a different position and just needs to be reset back. Things like that happen with the constant vibrations and jarrings it gets from riding and the last time this happened, David found the problem and fixed it for Jimmy while we were in Nevada. Hopefully it's as simple as that.

All is quiet here, too quiet....

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I is raining hard in Western Kentucky. Nothing wild but just hard.