Thursday, July 08, 2010

I love you too!

Jimmy got out early this morning and weedeated the yard and apparently it wasn't cool enough because he came into the house all drenched in sweat and his clothes all wet. He said it was already hot outside.

The sky is a clear beautiful blue and the neighbor is praying for rain for his garden. Spots of our grass look a little dry and my Rose of Sharon and Hybiscus are looking wilted by the heat and are crying for rain. But it's July and our July weather is typically dry & hot, just like Jimmy likes it.

We didn't put out a garden this year and our kids say something doesn't look right about the yard, that something has changed or is missing and then they realize that we have no garden planted. Jimmy decided that we were going to do nothing but ride this year and a garden was just too much to take care of, but now I'm missing the taste of good home grown tomatoes. With farmers markets popping up everywhere I'm sure we can find some good tomatoes and other fresh vegetables to eat.

My day has barely begun so I don't have much to say this morning except that it's a good morning and all is well. Jimmy cancelled his colonoscopy for next week because he's tired of going to see one doctor or another once a week and he wants to take a break away from doctors for a while. Not that he doesn't appreciate them, but he just feels like he needs a break and he wants to enjoy his summer. All doctors appointments have now been moved to the winter months when it's too cold for him to ride his motorcycle. He feels GREAT except wishes that he could smell & taste his food. That problem is still being worked on with no solution in clear sight. It's now just a process of trial & error and waiting for some treatment to work to correct his one and only problem.

Jimmy just walked up to me and said that our crazy outdoor thermometer would probably just keep climbing up if it had more numbers, but it's gone as far up as it can go for now and the only thing left for it to do is to explode.

Well, that's about it. Get out and enjoy your day wherever you are.


Alipurr said...

sounds like a good summer plan, love you said...

I think it is hot out there and I do love this pool.
Love ya