Thursday, July 15, 2010

Work, work, work

Jimmy & I have been working almost non stop all day today. We did take half an hour out for lunch, then it was back to work scrubbing & mopping and moving things around. We completely emptied two closets, a job that we started back in the Spring. Most of the stuff in the closets went to yardsales, Goodwill, to other locations in the house, and yes to the trash. We scrubbed down the guest bathroom and started on the master bath as well. Early in the Springtime we cleaned out drawers and soon we need to clean out cabinets.

Like most families we have years and years of accumulated stuff. Half of which we don't use and another fourth of which we don't need. Even though I'm tired it feels good to see empty drawers, empty closets and some empty cabinets.

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