Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dinner & A Show, or This Is Why I'm Not Allowed In The Kitchen

Don't try this at home.....

Well, I did it again. I tried to fix supper. The first supper I fixed for Ron I burned and managed to cover up my boo boo, but this time there was no getting around it. The loud crack of the exploding crock gave me away and so did my scream to Jimmy to come help me save dinner before it all leaked away. It was the first time I had used my new crockpot. The pork roast and vegetables were cooked, but the gravy wasn't thickening up so I removed the crock from the crockpot exterior housing and put it on the stove to finish thickening the gravy. I had done this many times before with my older crockpot, but apparently it doesn't work that way for this Hamilton Beach model and as my gravy was thickening the bottom of the crock broke off. Talk about a mess! Ron & Jimmy hurried furiously to save dinner by spooning out what they could, but most of the liquid was lost and ran all over and under the burners.

As we sat down and ate they both kept telling me that it was good. Of course Jimmy can't taste a thing and Ron was just being nice. I felt horrible but hid it with laughter, because Ron had bought me that new crockpot and I broke it the first time I used it.

But what else could we do but laugh about the whole thing? It really was very funny and now Ron understands why Jimmy doesn't mind me not cooking and prefers to take me out to eat. Jimmy says, "It's cheaper to eat out than to let her cook."

UPDATE: I was able to call the company and I ordered another pot for my new crockpot, so all is not lost. It will arrive in 7-10 working days....YIPEEEEEE!


somershade said...

Your not fooling me I know you can cook really good.You are just smart and pull those little stunts to get out of cooking.
Did anyone check to see where the hammer was.Was anyone in the kitchen when the pot mysteriously broke on it's own.So the company is sending you a replacement because they've never had any trouble like this

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

You know me much too well Sharon!
I didn't tell the company what actually happened. I just called and ordered another pot and I should have it in a few days.