Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hwy 89 Ride


Me & Brian

Jimmy & Brian


Me crossing over the wooden bridge in Rockcastle
County on Hwy. 89

Yesterday Jimmy & I went riding, and since I was leading the way, I chose to ride up Hwy 421 to Jackson County then I turned right on Hwy 89 heading towards S-Tree.  Hwy 89 is very narrow and tree lined and a bit curvy.  It's a beautiful road to ride on when it's hot because of all of the shade.  The road winds down Indian Creek which is usually a very beautiful crystal clear creek, but yesterday it was a bit on the muddy side because of all of the thunderstorms we've been having lately.  About two thirds of the way down this segment of 89 there is a narrow wooden bridge that crosses over Indian Creek.  The bridge is old and rickety with what appear to be loose boards, but they're not.  The boards just shake and rattle as you go over them.  There's a sign hidden somewhere on the bridge that says to get off and walk your bicycles across.  Since we're not on bicycles we usually ride across the bridge very cautiously and very slowly, and sometimes one at a time just so that I can take pictures.

Several miles after we crossed the old wooden bridge we met Brian & Reva riding in the opposite direction on 89.  I was surprised to see them and tried to find a wide spot in the road so that I could turn around.  I didn't find one until I reached the bridge at Livingston, Kentucky and by that time Brian & Reva were right behind us.  I was so glad to see them and for the rest of the ride we rode together.  I felt kind of bad that they didn't get to complete their ride down Hwy 89 because that ride is just so quiet & so beautiful.  I always enjoy riding Ky 89 in any direction.

To see more pictures of our ride either click on the title or CLICK HERE.

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