Sunday, August 29, 2010

Early Bird

I'm up early this morning and now everyone else is up with me too. It looks like it's going to be another nice day here. Yesterday we went over to Doug & Tabitha's new house and I love it. It has so many possibilities and more room than I'd ever need, but perfect for their little family. I love their rooms, they're all very large and they have a wooden back deck that extends the length of their house The backyard is fully fenced in and that's nice for their pets and for the kids. Their house is on almost 2 acres and they have quite a bit of mowing to do, so first on their agenda to buy was a lawnmower and they found a used one right away that needs some work. Ron invited them to our house to visit his magic trailer and when they left our house they left with smiles on their faces and lots of nice things for their new home thanks to Ron.

Today we are first going to Ryan's for breakfast and then to BD Mongolian Grill in Lexington for a late lunch this afternoon. Today is going to be another enjoyable day and we'll probably even visit the Harley shop.

Princess came to get us this morning and led us to her new kittens that she just had. She's such a proud mama cat and wanted us to come see her new little family. She had four kittens and right now they're all very tiny and sweet. They look like they're going to be pretty little kittens and it looked like she had two calico's, a white one with lots of black spots and a tuxedo cat. Princess is such a good mother and has already attempted to move them until we changed her soiled bedding then she stayed where she was, but we don't know for how long. Cats move their kittens every few days to keep them safe.

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Today is also a nice day for us to. I am up every morning at 6:00AM to watch the Washington Journal on C-Span I watch about two minutes and get the mood of the people calling in. It is my morning news cast.
Enjoy your day. Tell Ron that Diane is on the Face.