Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can't Sleep, Too Excited

Cucoo pretending to be 'me.'

I love surprises don't you?  And sometimes when you're planning a surprise you just can't sleep because you're just too excited to sleep.  It's not really a surprise, it's just something that's getting to be repetitious, and pretty soon if I do it too many times it won't be as exciting anymore to the person or people I surprise.

BUT WAIT!  Sometimes the people I surprise, surprise me instead, and that might be the case tomorrow.  I guess we'll just all have to wait and see who gets surprised....Me or You.

2 comments: said...

Well this post did tell me that somewhere on this planet someone was going to be surprised. Well it turned out to be me. It was such of a nice gesture and it made me feel rather good. Thank you Sandy and Jimmy for making my day.
While Sandy was here we stopped at The Homeplace and Miss Patti's plus Jimmy and Sandy went across the The Cave in Rock Ferry too. Thank you. Love ya Dennis

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Dennis, I always love surprising you. We live many miles and many hours apart, but when we're heading out your way I always know that I'm going to stop and see you & Laurel and that's always the highlight of our ride.
Thanks for putting all those links in your comment...the links were very helpful and informative. You'll have to tell me how to insert links in comments again, I forgot.

Hope to see you very soon. Love you too!