Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Jimmy & I decided to go riding again today because they were predicting rain for tomorrow.  Sunday we rode North East, because we had already been South and hadn't seen any changes in the leaves.  So today I was prepared to leave the state if I had to, but I didn't have to go far until I started seeing just what I wanted to see...beautiful fall colors.  The leaves started getting really pretty in London, Kentucky so I headed East over to Manchester and the road to Manchester was beautiful and very much worth the ride.  When I reached Manchester I took 421 North to McKee, Kentucky and then I cut off onto Hwy 89 North and again was amazed at all the beauty that I was seeing.  Hwy. 89 North to Irvine, Kentucky is worth seeing, but it's a very curvy little road and without guard rails, and sometimes without a center line, you really have to pay attention to the road.  We weren't the only motorcycles enjoying the fall colors on  Hwy. 89 but we didn't see many cars.  I guess there are better, straighter roads to get from here to there than 89, but as for us we weren't trying to get anywhere.  We were just out enjoying the day.

Once we reached Irvine, Kentucky we stopped at Cedar Village for supper and then took the Brassfield Road home from Hwy. 52.  On these little narrow country roads with no shoulders it's hard to stop and take pictures just any time you see something worth shooting, but we did get some pictures when there was a place we could safely stop at.  Below are some of the pictures that we took today.

Creek on Hwy. 89
View from bridge

Me on 89 bridge that overlooks the creek

Our bikes

At the Harley shop in London, Ky. on the
road to Manchester, Ky.

Hwy. 89 from Mckee, Ky. to Irvine, Ky.

Jimmy taking a picture

My bike



Alipurr said...

The leaves are changing here quickly too. One week it was near 100 degrees, and then it cooled off, and this week, the leaves are changing and falling off. Very pretty.

JunieRose2005 said...

Beautiful scenery, Sandy! Happy you're able to enjoy all that!


Anonymous said...

you know whats funny.We went all the way to the Smokey Mountains and on the way back London Ky had the prettiest leaves of all.We came through Tuesday also.
But love the streams,that's my favorite part of the mountains.Got my little rocks too:)Wonder who taught us that habit,love you moma.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Jimmy & I were on our way down towards Tennessee when we came across the colorful fall color in London and went no further. I also love the mountain streams and that in itself is worth the trip to the Smokey Mtns.

I wonder how many rocks I have transported across state and county lines in my lifetime. I have always loved collecting natural rocks better than buying nick knacks for souvenirs. Rocks are also free, but pay attention to signs prohibiting taking natural rocks at parks...don't do it and just wait until you are out of park boundaries.