Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why do you think they call it "fall" (OR) Can you find the cat poop?

Leaves, leaves and more leaves
Guess what we did today?  And yes I helped too against my better judgment.  I'd rather wait and do this job one time, when ALL the leaves fall from the trees, but Jimmy likes to keep the leaves raked up as they fall.  Well, he blows them in a pile and I was the one using the rake.  We had all the leaves in a big pile and by the time Jimmy began mulching them more leaves had fallen all around us.  That wasn't the only thing that fell...a praying mantis fell right on my head and scared the begeebeez right out of me.  Don't worry I didn't hurt it, I just knocked it off and I saw it walk away, cussing me as he left.

It was supposed to rain today so we stayed home washed clothes and did some other chores around the house, but it never rained.  It thundered but that was as close as it got to raining.  NO, I take that back.  Jimmy said he felt about ten raindrops sometime during the day. 

Two granddaughters, Erica & Val, came over with three of the great-grands and they played out in the back yard.  Unfortunately no one escaped stepping in cat poop except Jimmy & I who know to watch where we step....well sometimes.  Anyway, despite the cat poop, we had a very nice visit with the kids.  Brian & Reva also came over and I dare not leave Suzanne out who manages to come over practically everyday, and if she doesn't she'll call ten times a day.  I'm not complaining, I love it!   Sharon is my little text'er and she taught me everything I know about face booking and sending text messages.  I guess I could have just made this paragraph short and said that I heard from all the kids today and some of the grandchildren, but then I couldn't of told you about the cat poopy shoes.  It just amazes me when EVERYONE can manage to step in the same pile of cat poop.  Jimmy finally put a small square board on top of it and then one of the great grands stomped on the board, STOMP, STOMP, STOMP! as she passed by it.  Good thing the board was there.

Well, that was my day except for playing with the kittens.  I play with the kittens about 50% of the day when I'm home.  It's my job and somebody has to do it! 


Anonymous said...

Mantis don't cuss they pray,lol.
That would have scared me too but how nice to have one of God's creatures praying over you while you work:)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Somershade, you always look at the bright side of things and that's why so many love you.
My first instinct was to squash that big buggar, the praying mantis, but I try not to kill anything I don't have to anymore, like scary bugs and spiders. It makes me feel bad and I feel like I have to ask for forgiveness when I kill a spider.