Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie night

This morning when I woke up it was so foggy outside that I couldn't even see as far as the creek in my back yard.  The fog has lifted now and Jimmy has gone to take my jeep wrangler in for repairs.  It over heated one day last week and might need a new thermostat or perhaps has a leaky hose somewhere.  Whatever is wrong, it needs checked out and repaired.  Jimmy is supposed to call me to go pick him up if he can't get a ride home, so I'm waiting for his call.

Ron had invited us to watch AVATAR one day while he was here and we all decided that we would do that on a rainy, damp cold day when we couldn't go riding together....and yesterday was the perfect day for it.  We got to Ron's a little before 3:00 p.m. and were greeted by Lola & Poncho his two doggy kids and also got a GREAT BIG HUG  from Ron.  It's always nice to see, talk and be with Ron.  It's like making up for the 40+ years that we missed of each other's lives.

AVATAR had the same old story line of, two people falling in love, native people getting their land raped and almost stolen by the great big strong armies from another world....and that would be us.  But this time we didn't succeed.  It was a good movie with lots of animation and visual effects, just the kind of movie that I like.  Ron & I weren't sure how Jimmy would like the movie because he's not a science fiction buff, but he watched it and liked it.  I think I heard him sleeping through it just a little and said something to him to wake him.

Ron is always a great host.  He first brought out the assorted chips and dips and later came the pizza which we all enjoyed.  I hope we can have many movie nights together this fall and winter.  Ron has a DVR and records all the good movies and he has the biggest TV screen which makes movie watching very enjoyable.  You almost feel like you're right in there, in the movie itself.

I love spending time with family.  There is no greater joy in the world than that.

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