Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's a rainy day so cats get new umbrella

Woke up to a rainy day with actual raindrops hitting the ground.  It's been wet for a few days but it was mostly fog or a fine mist, and finally today we have rain.  Since it's finally raining and one of our cats, Warty, put a hole in the top of the umbrella covering his food, it was time to change it and put a new one up.  We buy several beach umbrellas at a time, so that we always have one to put up if the wind should carry it off or it gets a hole in it.  The umbrellas are hard to find cheap so when we find some we buy a bunch.  When we first started buying them at Big Lots they cost $5 each and now they are up to $15 a piece.
The Sycamore Tree still has lots of leaves

Jimmy out in the rain putting new blue umbrella on
cats feeding table
So that the wind doesn't blow the umbrella off the table Jimmy ties each wire down to the table leaving openings in each section just big enough for the cats to squeeze through to get up to their food.  This keeps their dry cat food dry and it also serves to feed all the cats of the neighborhood, a practice that we are about to put an end to because it's getting too expensive feeding every stray that come to our feeders.  We will probably wait until Spring before we stop the free food, because it doesn't seem quite right to take away the food supply now with cold weather and winter approaching.

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