Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Think and you shall see...

Was thinking of Ron all morning and as Jimmy & I passed by Subway I told Jimmy that I missed those flatbread breakfast subs that Ron & I used to get there.  Then I said to Jimmy that once we run into Ron at Walmart, then we'll know that he's really here to stay and guess who we ran into at Walmart?  You got it....Ron.

After Walmart Ron came back to the house and then I suggested we go have lunch together at Ryan's, so off we all went.  Of course once you eat at an All You Can Eat buffet you feel like you will never have to eat again.  Maybe not ever, but you won't have to eat another meal today anyway.  We had a nice visit as we usually do, and then he was off to take his doggies out for a much needed run.

Guess where I spent yesterday afternoon?  At the laundromat with Brian & Reva.  I had to give them a UPS shipping label for Brandon's x-box that I printed out for them and I stayed and visited while they washed and dried their clothes.  Thankfully this laundromat visit was only a one time deal for them.  Their dryer belt or something broke and one is on the way, but the dirty clothes couldn't wait any longer to be washed.  It was kind of nostalgic being in that particular laundromat because it's the one I used to visit at least once a week when it was new and I was young and single.  Now it's old with washers & dryers in disrepair with Out Of Order signs on half of them.  It's kind of sad to see such a big place get so rundown, but then we all grow old and get rundown eventually.  

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