Thursday, November 18, 2010

Even the Cool Whip was frozen

It's friggin cold.  I swore I saw snow, or it looked like it was about to snow today.  When I got up this morning it was warmer and then I went shopping with Suzanne and it got colder and colder as the day wore on.  Even when I picked up a carton of Cool Whip at Kroger's it had ice on it so I put it back and pretended that it wasn't that cold out and picked out another carton that looked a bit warmer than the first one.

It was so nice thinking of getting back home into the warmth of my house, but when Suzanne drove into the driveway Jimmy was gone and the house was all locked up.  What a day to leave and go shopping without my purse which contained my house keys.  For some reason I just assumed that Jimmy would be at home when I got home so I purposely left my purse with my keys at home.  All I needed was my debit card so that's all I took with me.  That's what I get for assuming.

It's a good thing Suzanne was with me or I would have been out of luck, sitting on my front porch with the Cool Whip, and frozen......and I even had more birthday presents for Jimmy.

Later in the day....
I can't contain myself any longer...I think I'll give Jimmy his birthday presents tonight.  This will be the second set of presents that I've given him.  I get so excited about what I buy him that I can't keep them to myself and hidden until his birthday and this is the same reason that I can't buy Christmas presents early or I have to buy them several times before the big day gets here.

Will I ever get over surprises even if they are surprises for other people?  This is so stupid.  If I order something I get very excited when the package is delivered to our door even though I ordered it and know what's inside.  This is insane.  Maybe my brain is like Cool Whip and has been frozen at one time or another.


Kerri said...

I'm smiling at your antics, as usual :)
Ross says he likes your habit of giving presents early and then buying more...and that maybe I should be more like that ;)
We have snow on the ground here this morning!!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Kerri, I'm not ready for snow yet and we're still enjoying moderate temps and sunshine.
I have nothing left to give Jimmy for his birthday now. First he got the riding mower, then 4 of his favorite quilted & fur lined flannel shirts for winter and warm socks and then yesterday I gave him a new wallet, two books and more socks. I guess it's up to the kids now to surprise their dad because I've run out of time to do more shopping for more surprises for Jimmy :))