Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Rare and Precious Jewel

Megan and Suzanne
It's rarely that we have the opportunity to get Suzanne in a picture but Sharon did it.  We all try, but to no avail.  We manage to get pictures of the back of her head or the palm of her hand as she shields herself from the camera.  She's our little angel of mercy, the one we can always count on to be there with a helping hand, never asking or expecting anything in return for all she does.  She's a wonderful wife, mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, aunt, niece, cousin, daughter-in-law, and friend...she's just a wonderful person to all that know and love her and I know that her brother and sister won't mind me bragging about her just a little, because I know they feel the same about their little sister Suzanne.

No it's not Suzanne's birthday today.  Sharon just finally got her to pose for a picture, and that's something we don't get everyday and worth posting here.  But I want everyone to keep this picture a secret from Suzanne because she won't like me displaying it here for all the world to see.  Let it be our little secret...Shhhhh

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Rachel said...

A wonderful write up on a beautiful person!! She'll be proud!