Monday, November 22, 2010

Was it or was it not made with Splenda????

Although this is not a picture taken today, but taken yesterday, Ron did ride over here today.  It seems he didn't get to eat a piece of Jimmy's birthday cake yesterday and it's a good thing because sweets SHOULD NOT be part of his diet and yesterday he had his limit, but today was a new day and what could one tiny small piece of birthday cake hurt?  And REALLY! it was tiny.....compared to that piece of pumpkin pie with all that whipped topping he had.

Ron and Jimmy both had doctor's appointments this morning, which both had forgotten. We had planned on riding today but the wind started gusting by noon and Ron also had to pack for his trip back to Etown so we called it off and Jimmy raked leaves instead.  Raking the leaves was easy today because the wind blew them all against the chain link fence so that all Jimmy had to do was to scoop them into a large clear plastic mattress cover and drag them all the way back to the creek.

Since we had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, Ron is going to Etown for another Thanksgiving dinner there.  It seems he's trying to make up for lost time, and lost Thanksgivings, and attend every Thanksgiving dinner he can find.  Beware....he might show up at your house next!

Don't tell Doug, but I'm crashing his Thanksgiving dinner just as soon as I find out what day it will be.  It'll be our little secret :)) just between blog buddies.  Doug doesn't have a computer so he'll never find out, unless one of you squeals.

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