Sunday, November 21, 2010


You may be 74 years old today,
but you look the same
as when I married you almost 17 years ago.
You look better, handsomer,
and have way more energy
than my whole family 
I love you and wish you
Very Happy Birthday!

Jimmy's Family
Today we gathered together to celebrate Jimmy's birthday.  The day started with Birthday wishes coming from as far as Afghanistan and also from family in Western Kentucky & Nevada.  Ron arrived early on his Harley and asked Jimmy to accompany him on a birthday ride while I took care of some last minute preparations.  Family started arriving around 10:30 a.m. and our day began.  

Since the day was so warm and pretty, our birthday celebration moved to the outdoors or at least most of the family did.  Some stayed indoors to visit among themselves as well.  Everyone was in good health and in good spirits which made things that much more enjoyable.  I really think that Jimmy's birthday was a success and that he enjoyed every minute of it.  

Since Jimmy's birthday is so close to Thanksgiving I decided to call this our Thanksgiving dinner as well.  And since most of the grandchildren are married and have children of their own, it makes it hard, to almost impossible, to get them together all in one place at the same time, so this gathering was to me a great success even though a handful of people couldn't make it.  Jimmy really had a good time today and that's all that matters on his birthday.  I hope that everyone had a nice day spent with family today...I know we did!


Cheyenne said...

This is what life is all about. As long as you have family like this you own the world. It sounds like it was a really great day. And a belated Happy Birthday to Jimmy.

Kerri said...

What a wonderful family photo! So glad it was a such a happy celebration for Jimmy's birthday. All that love he gives comes back to him :)
Happy day after, Jimmy!
We have rain and wind here this morning.

Anonymous said...

You certainly have a great bunch of kids and this is what it's all about. You have something to be really thankful about and apparently you and your husband are doing something right. It's nice to see such a large family all coming together like this.