Thursday, December 09, 2010

I thought it was supposed to warm up a little

While drinking my first cup of coffee this morning I stepped outside to get a good look at the temperature and I was very surprised to see that the thermometer was sitting on 5 degrees f.  I was under the impression that our coldest temperatures were behind us for at least a couple of days until the next snow storm comes through here on Sunday and Monday.

We lost another tomcat last night to the road in front of our house.  The cat wasn't ours but he was a great big beautiful boy who we had seen visiting our yard earlier in the day.  It's always sad to hear that familiar thump of a car hitting a small animal on the road.

Ron was out early and wondering why we are in such a deep freeze.  Jimmy blamed it on Ron moving to Kentucky :))  We haven't had temperatures dipping into the single digits and staying that way for a number of years, but here they are.  Ron had some errands to run and invited us out for breakfast at his favorite breakfast place, Cracker Barrel, and of course if you mention food we can't refuse.  The breakfast was good and Ron was in an especially good mood.  It's nice to see him that way.  Now that the snow has melted we plan on seeing more of Ron and plan on bugging him until he begs us to go away, hahaha.

Stay warm and drive safely.

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