Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Suzanne & Delores worked their butts off on Wylie Drive

We barely got a dusting of snow from last nights snowfall and it's so warm that it has already melted.  How lucky can we get?  Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!  However we still have our old snow and ice and that is slowly melting.

Poor little Suzanne, on the other hand, hurt her back yesterday while using a heavy iron digger to break up the thick solid sheet of ice on her road.  It got so impassible that you couldn't even walk down her hill, let alone drive on it and the city decided to disown the road when each neighbor called to find out why their road had not been scraped or salted. The City Road Dept told them that they don't take care of gravel private lanes and Suzanne was quick to respond that the road was paved, named and had a STOP sign on it, and has been maintained by the city for the last 18+ years that Suzanne can remember.  The Street Dept had no record of the road being theirs and said that they must have lost the papers that all the home owners had signed deeding the road over to the city.  And with 'no papers' that means it's not their road to maintain.  So, the only recourse Suzanne had was to clear off the road herself.

Delores who is in her 70's was also out there with Suzanne and the two of them worked on the road together, alternating between using a shovel to toss the ice off the road, and the iron digger to break up the ice.  The iron digger did the job but it's so heavy that Suzanne, who already has back problems, went away with an aching back and Delores got sick to her stomach.  Jimmy said that if he would have known, that they were going to work on the road, he would have gone right over to help them, but we found out too late after the job was done.  Suzanne & Delores were working on Wylie Drive at the same time that Jimmy & I were chipping the ice on our driveway.

It's time for all the neighbors to band together and attend the City Council Meetings to voice their complaints about Wylie Dr.


Alipurr said...

ooh, stuff like that makes me mad....would have been a great time to snap a pic of suzanne and her elderly neighbor working on the driveway, and contact someone from a local newspaper for a story. Our local papers love stories like that.

Alipurr said...

oops, i didn't mean driveway....i meant street

Rachel said...

I'm sorry Suzanne hurt her back. That kind of work isn't easy! I was up in Richmond on the 18th and couldn't believe how much snow and ice you all had. We did not get it here like that. We had a get together at my niece's home off Lancaster Rd. and their driveway, and everyone elses, were pure ice!! My brother helped me while walking on the house getting inside and out! With the cold it's not going to melt.

I do hope you and Jimmy have a most wonderful and blessed Christmas, just in case I don't get to get a greeting to you later. My computer is having some issues and may have to go to the computer hospital! Love and hugs to both of you!!