Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Watch Out Water Pipes

It was a bone chilling 3 degrees f. this morning when I woke up with another inch of snow deposited on the ground during the night.  We really don't have much of an accumulation, but it sure is cold outside.  I found a picture of Scott splitting wood and it brought back some wonderful memories of the days when I used to split all of our wood.  I loved it!

Jimmy said, "That'll keep him warm."

Jybow is content just looking at the snow from here.

 The bushes out front

There's not much chance of all of this snow melting off before the next round of snow comes in on Wednesday night / Thursday morning.  The cold temps are not good for water pipes, so I hope everyone's pipes are well protected by insulation and heat-tape.  Jimmy has also taken an extra precaution and has a light bulb burning under our crawl space where the main water line enters the house.  So far, so good.

Yesterday we had expected to have my brother Dennis and Laurel here for a visit but their trip was cancelled due to the snow.  The snow didn't stop Ron and Anita from getting out.  Even though it was slow traveling they made it to our house with pizzas in hand to visit and to play a round of Scrabble.  Of course I didn't win the Scrabble game but it was fun, and I found out, that of all the times Scrabble has been played at our house that Jimmy had never played it.  Yesterday was his first time.  Hmmm, I could have sworn that I played Scrabble with Jimmy before.

Keep warm, whether it's accomplished by splitting wood or honkering on down under a warm comforter in front of a fire, just keep warm.   Oh, I almost forgot to show you how my kitties keep warm out in this deep freeze........

The brown plaid blanket is an electric throw blanket which is covered over by a red blanket, and sandwiched between that grey looking blanket and the red blanket are two of our oldest cats.  Beneath all that are cushiony soft pillows.  For outside cats they are the luckiest cats in town!


tomlaureld@yahoo.com said...

We have a water table under our home. The temperature of the soil beneath our home rarely gets lower than 40 degrees. That is enough heat to keep our crawl space safe ( water tables under homes are not that great a deal). But for pipes it is fine. It was 2 degrees this morning and Laurel said it was zero at 1 AM

Cheyenne said...

Looks very comfy for those two...I might even join them.
We have no snow yet. Fingers crossed.