Monday, January 03, 2011

Oh wow....look how many days it's been since I've been here.  It's a frosty cold morning here and Reva is still in the hospital.  Her regular doctor is returning to work today, so continuity in care is on its way with only one doctor taking care of Reva instead of a different doctor each day. We all wish Reva well and hope she's back on her feet soon.

Jimmy has been a bit under the weather himself, still complaining of that same pain in his left chest and doing more napping than usual.  I hope the doctors find out the direct cause of his problem soon and fix it.  That hasn't stopped him from still trying to do all the things that he's always done though, although on a slower playing field these days.

Tomorrow we are both looking forward to seeing Zac & Jen.  They are both busy young adults so it's always nice when Zac calls and invites us out to lunch.  As grandparents it's always nice to be included in their plans.  

My day is just beginning.  The sun is out and it looks like it's going to be another crisp cold sunny day full of surprises :))  Good Surprises.....


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone in your family is feeling better soon, Sandy. Take care of yourself, too!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Diane, I've always had a pretty good immune system and have been lucky that way.
Lately, Jimmy needs a personal secretary to handle his doctors appointment and I'm about ready to do as you do and put the calendar right on the frig.
Keeping up with 4 doctors at one time is keeping him very busy.