Saturday, January 08, 2011

Snow Day

Jimmy's giving his heart monitor a good workout today by shoveling snow off the sidewalks, and making trails for his cats to walk to their food and to the pool for a drink of water.  The snow is still fluffy enough so that he's actually using a broom to push it away before anyone walks on it.  The snow plows have passed our house at least 4 times already, scraping and salting the road as they pass.  Our road is clear and there is traffic moving slowly by, well slower than it usually moves by our house, but not at a crawl.

If you try to call or text me on my cell phone please don't be surprised if you can't reach me.  My cell phone has been moody for two days now and is acting up and refusing to do anything I ask of it.  I'm about ready to toss it and move to another company and a simpler phone that does nothing but make & receive calls....and maybe takes pictures.  Maybe I'll give up my cell phone entirely and just use Jimmy's.

The sun is out, so I guess the snow has stopped falling for a while.  It's very pretty outside and Jimmy and his cat Jybow have now come inside to warm up.  Jimmy is feeling great and is bouncing around here very busily trying to do everything.  It's nice to see him so happy and so active.

If anyone gets out today please be careful driving and take it slow and easy.  I'm sure that all the MAIN roads are clear of snow if our road is.  I feel like making a trip to Walmart to get something but I just haven't figured out what I might like to buy....maybe ice cream.  Another thing that Jimmy & I might do is make a trip to one of the doctor's offices who is hard to reach.  I'm sure that today he'll have some cancellations due to the weather.  We know that he's open for business on Saturdays.

Have a nice day.... There goes another snow plow.

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