Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Snow Snow...Winter is NOT going to leave anytime soon.

We saw the grass yesterday and all of our cats were happy.  They spent their day stalking birds, climbing trees and just romping around the yard.  Princess even managed to bring a live mouse into the house for her little calico kitten, but Jimmy cornered it and took the mouse back out.  That's the second time Princess has tried to bring 'live' food into the house for her kitten.  Well, there was no try to it, she did bring live food into the house!  We just don't know how you people with pet doors keep these little varmints out.

We are supposed to meet Ron for lunch today but the sky has opened up and it is snowing to beat the band.  The top rail of the chain link fence, outside the window by my computer,  has an inch and a half, or possibly two inches of snow balanced on it already.  It has fallen very quickly and at this pace, we'll get our forecasted 4 inches of snow today.  It's a very pretty wet snow and is sticking on every branch of every tree, bush & shrub...just anything that is standing above the ground.  The weaved wires of the chain link fence are even snow covered.  Our satellite dish suddenly needs the wet snow to be removed from it because the TVs picture is starting to break up into those little still squares. (Jimmy cleaned it off and we have a good satellite signal again).

Whatever you plan on doing today be careful and stay safe.  I think I'll introduce my kitten to snow. 

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