Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a BEAUTIFUL sight...Sunshine

I have nothing to report today.  I've been keeping up with the news and the unrest in Egypt and I've been watching stupid movies about giant crocodiles and snakes, and I've avoided the movies about axe murderers killing teens at summer camp.  I love scary movies, but those are too predictable and much too gory.  Yesterday I couldn't find any movies on satellite that I haven't already seen, or for that matter good enough to see again.

My big orange cat Jybow is here, keeping me company while I eat my cereal, write on my blog and listen to Meet The Press. It looks like it's going to be a better day to go outside and let the sun have its way with me.  It's either that or listening to the unrest around the world and I know that the protesters will still be there tonight when I settle in for a night of watching TV.

UPDATE:  The highlight of my day today was meeting Ron for Sunday Dinner after church, followed by a nice visit.  Myself and Jimmy always enjoy hanging out with Ron, he makes us laugh.  While out, I ran into my granddaughter-in-law Tabitha at Cracker Barrel.  It's always nice seeing her.

The TV gave us a fright early in the morning when the local channels were not being picked up by our satellite company, but by the time Jimmy's Professional Bull Riding came on, the problem had been resolved.  Jimmy loves to watch the P.B.R. and the Kentucky Wildcats Basketball team.  All in all the day turned out to be a GREAT one.  Hope your day was wonderful too.

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Kerri said...

We saw a little sunshine (on the snow) this afternoon too.
Sounds like you've had plenty of snow over there, Sandy. We've had our fair share too.
There are more frigid temps coming for the next few days. We're supposed to wake up to about 4º tomorrow morning. Brrr!
Glad to know Jimmy is doing well...keeping busy, as usual, but taking his naps with Jybow too :)
I hope Suzanne's back gets better fast!
I'd definitely avoid the axe murderer flicks if I were you!
We have East of Eden (borrowed from the Library) to watch tonight.
Best to avoid the's rarely good!
Stay warm!