Thursday, January 27, 2011

The calmness of it all...

Jimmy is napping with Jybow in his arms.  Jimmy holds his cat Jybow like you'd hold a baby and they both look content napping there together in Jimmy's easy chair.  I made Beef Stroganoff Hamburger Helper for my supper and Jimmy wanted the S.O.S. that I made him for supper last night re-heated for him.  He loves that stuff and could eat it everyday.

It's been a very quiet day here.  Early this morning Jimmy went to have a blood draw to see how fast his blood is clotting.  It's clotting to fast so he has to double up on his pills on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays and on the rest of the days he takes his normal dose of one pill per day.  Then he'll be tested again in a week to see if his clotting time is slower.

So that's about it for today.   I can hear the snow melting, because it's dripping on the A/C unit behind my head as I sit on the couch giving my mini laptop a workout.  I wasn't going to blog today because I didn't have anything to say.  I could bore you with the details of the snow, that it's still here, or I could tell you that Suzanne slipped in a tire track and sprained her back while trying to take pictures of the snow.  I could also tell you why Ron canceled our lunch date for today, but I won't.  I'll leave you wondering.

I just remembered a nice thing to share with you.  Sharon stopped by yesterday and spent the whole afternoon with us.  Here's the picture I took of her.

Sharon June
While I was retrieving the picture of Sharon I happened to find two old family pictures of my daughter, Suzanne's husband Ray and his family on facebook.  So even though they are not my pictures, I'm going to post them below...I'm sure Ray and his dad wouldn't mind and I know that Suzanne would love to see the pictures.

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