Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Surprises & Stuff

I love the rain because it makes everything grow!  And besides, you all know how I love thunderstorms.

This week and last week, Suzanne & I have been busy shopping in search of Easter stuff for Matt & Tori.  Suzanne bought these two HUGE, over-sized plastic Easter Eggs and in each egg were two smaller eggs, six eggs in all.  They all had to be filled.  The smallest egg was filled with chocolate bunnies & eggs.  You have to get a little candy ya know.  The other two eggs were filled with things like books, bible covers, recipe boxes and just  stuff that the kids would like.  Each egg was personalized with gifts for Matt and gifts for Tori and of course Matt got the blue eggs and Tori's were pink, her favorite color.  It's always fun shopping for surprises for the grandchildren even if they are 24 years old.

Brian and Doug came by and picked up all of our aluminum cans and Jimmy was very glad to have them gone and out of his way.  If this rain will just stop for a few days, Brian can take the rototiller to get his ground ready for his garden and at the same time haul our old water heater to the city dump.

Just one more week and Zac & Jen will say their I do's.   Next Saturday is their big day and we're all very excited for them.   I can't wait to see Jen in her beautiful wedding dress and don't tell anyone, but I've already seen Zac in his tux.  He's such a good looking grandson and he looks just like his dad Garry.

Jimmy & I have had a very busy three weeks and haven't been home much.  Our cats missed us but we're making up for lost time today.  We're getting our bikes ready and they're raring to go somewhere.  I can't wait!  We didn't go on any trips last year and we're excited about heading out again this year to parts unknown.  Come see the U.S. A. with us, it'll be fun.

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