Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beautiful Things

I went out into the yard between rain showers because I spotted my Climatis in bloom.  The rain had pretty much beat the new blossoms up, but I wanted to get a picture before the hard rain beat the petals completely off. Yesterday it only had about 2 blooms on it.
This is my dog PJ's grave.  Every year I buy butterflies to put on it as a remembrance of how much she loved chasing butterflies.  One time while I was sitting down and PJ was standing on the ground with her two front paws stretched up to my knees, a big Monarch butterfly landed on her nose and stayed there for a couple of seconds.  PJ didn't move and I didn't move.  We just watched in amazement until the butterfly flew away.  Of course this was definitely a Kodac moment, and I didn't have it on me. 
I borrowed this picture from HERE.  It's my granddaughter Megan 22 weeks into her pregnancy, and the bigger she gets, the prettier she looks.  My great-grandson, Myles Parker Malear, isn't due to make his appearance into this world until sometime in August, and we're all waiting with great anticipation.

For all that know about my injured cat Warty, he's doing much better.  He's on his feet again, walking with a slight limp, but still takes a lot of breaks to lay down and rest.  We still don't know how he was injured, but we're very happy that he is on his way to a complete recovery.

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