Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This n That

Today I'm spending the day with my youngest daughter Suzanne, who everyone knows is difficult to photograph, so I do the best I can.  At least we're not looking at a hand today, but some very pretty flowers.

The water heater is in it's place with one teensy little leak in the water line coming into it.  Jimmy is currently off to the plumbing store to buy a new line and he's going to fix the leak while I'm gone with Suzanne.  We're going to the big city of Lexington again today and who knows what we'll find there, but I know that we'll have a good time.

Jimmy really enjoyed working along side Doug yesterday and apparently they had a good time working together, even though they made far too many trips to town for supplies.  I kept telling Jimmy to make a list, but he never listens to me anyway, so what else is new?  When Doug left yesterday the leak wasn't there but after repeated use of the water it made its appearance.  It's a very small leak and it was at first dismissed as condensation from the cold water meeting the hot tank.

It's a beautiful sunny day here today, and hope everyone has a great day.  Don't forget to smile either, cause everybody looks better with a smile on their face!

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Alipurr said...

I see you, Suzanne, hiding behind those flowers!!! :)..hope you got all your water heater/plumbing things worked out by now. I am excited about all of us getting to see you at Zac's wedding. Yay!!