Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thanks for friends and for family

We have plenty of water outside because it's raining this morning, but we don't have running water in the house.  Yesterday afternoon we finally got our new water heater home with the help of an old friend of Jimmy's who just happened to be at the right place at the right time.  We no sooner had driven off the Lowe's parking lot when the water heater began tilting back & forth.  It didn't fall over, it was just tipping so we pulled over into the emergency lane and Jimmy began trying to tie it more securely when a pickup truck loaded with building supplies stopped and offered to take our hot water heater home for us in his truck.   It was Paul Lewis, and what a blessing it was to see him.

Paul first took us to his beautiful home where we visited with Sue and their two small dogs.  Jimmy & Paul unloaded the pickup and then it was off to our house with the hot water heater.  We are both very thankful for friends like Paul and Sue.

Jimmy turned off the power to the whole house and began removing our old water heater.  Brian stopped by as he took Reva to her doctors appointment and with his voltage meter found the right breaker to turn off, so we had electrical power to our house again.  Thank you Brian because I wasn't looking forward to living without electricity until this job was done.

Late yesterday afternoon and last night Jimmy tore out the old floor where the hot water heater had leaked, and today Doug is coming over to help Jimmy rebuild the floor and install the new hot water heater.  Hopefully all will get done today and I'll have water by tonight.  But in the meantime, Thank God for baby wipes and rainwater caught from the roof.


tomlaureld@yahoo.com said...

It is nice to have friends. Laurel had "Another Birthday" but we have to get home to see it.
Love ya

Alipurr said...

thank God for friends to help just at the right time and for family to stop by to help!! yay for water and electricity! I thank God for baby wipes, too LOL :)