Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Charging up the batteries...

All eyes are on the dance floor.  
The music is loud, fast and good,
 and everyone is moving to the beat
of the Black Eyed Peas.
They all appear as a blur...
The bride and groom have had their first dances
and now it's time for everyone else
to get up and dance.

...but who is that gray haired guy with his arm in a sling?

His arm isn't hurt, it's just a precaution to keep him from moving
his left arm too much while he dances the night away.
That's Jimmy and he just had a pacemaker implanted.

 Jimmy has always loved to dance
and in fact we met on the dance floor.

The doctor didn't say that he couldn't get on down and boogie.

He only said that he couldn't ride his motorcycle for a month,
drive the car for a week,
move his arm above his head and behind his back,
no lifting anything above 5 lbs.
and not to do anything strenuous for about 6 weeks.
There were no directives against pleasurable dancing
and when asked how he felt he merely said that he was
"charging up the batteries."

1 comment:

tomlaureld@yahoo.com said...

I sure hope his batteries were charged up.
I was a great site to see and it made our day.
Is he OK? Yes I know he is.
Love ya guys.
And yes folks it was a great wedding ask mom and Eliana.