Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Everyone is gone....

Gladys (my stepmom)

Saying our goodbye's.
Gladys' plane was scheduled to leave first, so we parted
company at the security gates.

Then it was time for Ron, Jr's turn to go through the security
gates at the airport.
I'm going to miss all three of them Gladys and the two Ron's,.  Gladys flew back home to Nevada, Ron Jr. to California and Ron Sr. is on his way to Tennessee as I type.  I'm going to miss everyone, including Dennis & Laurel who left here last Friday and headed home.  It was wonderful having family here and I wish that the kids could have joined us every single day too, but sometimes work and other obligations get in the way.  Gladys did get to see all of my children and some of my grandchildren, and for that I am grateful.  Suzanne did make it a point to join us every day except for the very last day because of a misunderstanding in our schedule.

The house feels a bit empty but that's only because my stepmom is back in her home and I know that I won't be seeing her today.  It also doesn't help that the sun is also staying out of sight and that it's all wet outside.  It's not raining but it must have rained during the night because the grass is wet and getting taller everyday.  I guess I shouldn't complain because I've done nothing but wish for green all winter and now I have lots and lots of green all around me.

Jimmy has gone to Dairy Queen for his usual biscuits n gravy and to pick up the daily newspaper.  I'm going to say goodbye for now and go check my email.  Have a nice day and do a little 'Sun Dance," for us all over here in the dreary, gloomy side of the U.S.....we could sure use some sunshine.

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