Friday, July 15, 2011

Daisy met a new friend

Daisy talking to Cucoo about her new friend.
Cucoo thinks he might be a serial killer and warns Daisy.

We met our new neighbor late yesterday afternoon.  His family just moved in next door and he told us that our fat kitty, which is by the way Daisy, came over to steal his dog's food, right from under his dog's nose.  That wasn't very surprising because Daisy loves to eat and she's not afraid of dogs, but then we saw his dog.  It was a very large pit bull.  According to our new neighbor,  Daisy and the pit bull touched noses and are now friends.  I am a little skeptical and a bit concerned for Daisy, but the neighbor assured us that his dog is quite nice and loves cats....
He just didn't say how he loves cats....fresh, cooked in a stew or baked?


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